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Much is written about loans without Schufa . Offers of this kind have been around for decades and not always were they really serious. But what distinguishes a serious credit without Schufa from the offers of the black sheep. We took a closer look.

Basically, the distinction is pretty simple. Dubious providers very often require advance payments, so send with the application or afterwards, bills for alleged services.

Another way is that the contract for the loan without Schufa suddenly against payment in advance: COD to be sent. After the payment you will never hear from the provider again. The third way leads through personal contact. The credit intermediary wants to discuss the loan with you personally without Schufa and often requires a fee or something similar. As soon as one of these points appears, the credit without Schufa can be classified as dubious. In this case you should not conclude a contract. 


Loans without Schufa – How to recognize the black sheep

Loans without Schufa - How to recognize the black sheep

So pay particular attention to these points when making a loan application.

  • there should be no pre-payment
  • Do not accept representative visits
  • No contracts cash on delivery / advance payment accept

With a legitimate loan without Schufa you will never have to pay any pre-charge, in whatever way, and no one in the field will come to you. The schufafreie credit can be easily requested online from home.


The process in a short overview

The process in a short overview

You can simply apply for the loan online without any need of a PC from Schufa. Also, the identity check, duty in the EU, can be done online or via a passport copy, which is later securely uploaded to the bank. Alternatively, some banks offer the post-identity or cam process for identity verification.

As a rule, you will quickly be notified after submission of the application if there is no lending. If this is the case, the transfer to your checking account will be initiated. Again, there are no costs! The payment is usually made in 2 – 4 days after the approval.


The first repayment

The first repayment, the first monthly installment according to the contract, will be made one month after payment. The installments are paid directly to the bank by normal bank transfer. When applying for loans without Schufa you can choose between different terms. So you have the opportunity to opt for short terms. The rate is then higher, but the interest is smaller overall. Or you may opt for a longer term over several years, and then it comes at a small, convenient rate. The exact installment amount is fixed by contract and can of course be viewed before signing for the loan without Schufa.


It depends on these points!

It depends on these points!


So that you get to a reputable provider of loans without Schufa, so you should always pay attention to the above points. We want to repeat this again.
A reputable loan partner who will make loans without Schufa

  • always without costs
  • always without a representative visit
  • always without cash on delivery

to offer. All details of the refund are attached to the contract. The disbursement will be made directly to your intended giro account without any use. That’s how serious credit runs without Schufa – that’s exactly what you’ll find here. If you are interested in a loan without Schufa, have a look at our schafafree loan application.